Another move in a long-con to appease the masses that were righteously indignant to Clarkson and Top Gear but provide a method to retain the hosts of the most regularly watched television show in the world after it all blows over? The head producer already said he’s “leaving Top Gear, but not the BBC” not we find the… » 4/08/15 12:05pm 4/08/15 12:05pm

I feel like I'm already used to the "set-price" system with the types of cars I buy. When there's a list of people behind you that are willing to buy the car for sticker if you aren't, there's not as much wiggle room as you'd like. More so if you're a repeat customer because they know they'll make it up in the long… » 4/07/15 7:35pm 4/07/15 7:35pm

Yeah, I love how something isn't a problem...until it is. It's even worse when the solution doesn't solve the problem. Accidents will still happen at the speeds they are limiting cars to, that's a given. What they can do is make sure spectators aren't too close in the highest risk areas. You can't have a car hit… » 4/07/15 1:43pm 4/07/15 1:43pm

Oh, great. Retailer exclusive bonuses. Nothing like offering extras on a platform I don’t use to make me not want to buy it could also be because I’ve bought Star Wars on everything from VHS to Bluray at this point and don’t want to dip again. » 4/07/15 12:24am 4/07/15 12:24am