I'm really hoping no one makes me an offer, because it would be hard to turn down someone throwing $50-100k at me...on the other hand, I really wouldn't want to do business with someone that would do that anyway. Most of me hopes I just buy it and never hear about the dumb prices idiots are willing to pay to subvert… » 9/30/14 5:52pm Yesterday 5:52pm

Drove/washed/detailed the SLS, tested iPhone 6 slowmo (video)

It might not get as much attention before winter due to an upcoming garage mate so I took it out yesterday for a good drive then washed it and put the cover on. I think the video was pretty good, especially with how little light was out, and the hardware image stabilization works well. » 9/28/14 3:47pm Sunday 3:47pm

My biggest issue with stance is that you are effectively turning the car into an object to be looked at and looked at only. They are dangerous to drive, prone to damage when you do, and just wrong from the perspective of it being a car. Stanced cars hold as much appeal to me as a car as that hollow, plastic display… » 9/27/14 4:43pm Saturday 4:43pm

German Overengineeing is alive and well in the i8

The insane engineering and complexity of the i8 doesn't stop with its drivetrain and design. It extends to even the most simple aspects of the car such as opening the hood and refueling; the engineering of which is meant to save weight/keep customers from casually messing with the high voltage half of the car and… » 9/26/14 3:02pm Friday 3:02pm

Not to mention it has the same drivetrain layout as the 918, the electric motor on the front axle is actually more powerful than the Porsches, it has a Carbon Fiber tub, etc. The major differences being the 3 cylinder instead of 8, more eco focused tires, and a smaller aux electric engine on the petrol motor's… » 9/25/14 11:25am Thursday 11:25am