Need help choosing a color: Range Rover Sport SVR

Sudden change in winds. Dealership I bought two Range Rover Sports from has an open SVR order, the only SVR they will get this year. Apparently it's one per dealership. Coupled with the opportunity to sell the i8 for more than I paid for it, even with the 4k miles and three months of ownership, it seems like a good… » 1/31/15 7:37pm Yesterday 7:37pm

The AMG GT will be even more so. Expect to see them lined up next to SLs. They've made it clear they have no intention of limiting production and will make as many as they can sell, as opposed to the SLS where you had to have a FIRM order and large deposit for them to build one. They've also stated they plan on it… » 1/26/15 9:31pm Monday 9:31pm

Of course it's a Virginia cop complaining. We have one of the most archaic set of traffic laws on the books. Reckless driving (going any speed over 80, even on a 70mph interstate) is prosecuted just as harshly as domestic abuse. We also aren't allowed to use radar detectors either. » 1/26/15 1:22pm Monday 1:22pm

And as long as you've got gas it has "unlimited range"...unlike a Tesla. I like Teslas...I also like being able to drive more than 300 miles in a sitting without waiting overnight to charge for another 300 miles with the lack of Supercharger stations along the routes I travel. » 1/26/15 12:31pm Monday 12:31pm